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Free Movies On Your Desktop Legally Really

Your Website Design Team has been enjoying a new web launch as we worked late this week, and we wanted to share. Netflix and Blockbuster are going to have to get up to speed with a newly launched NBC and Fox joint venture website or loose their proverbial kyster in the opinion of Remote Helpdesk 1 who hosts "My Name Is Bill W". The true life story of the founder of Alcoholics Anonymous (AA).

NBC and Fox have teamed up to offer great movies Free, TV shows Free, and clips Free right on your desk top.

no trips to the store. no waiting on snail mail. Movies on demand. on your time.

at the place of your choosing. on your desktop. LEGAL and (did Computer Man mention?) FREE. an idea whose time has come.

The new video on demand website launched Wednesday, 12 March 2008 and is supported through advertising. Sound familiar? O.

K. So it is somewhat like TV. Who cares? It is still a real entertainment alternative - a real entertainment value, and the Tennessee Mountain Man predicts it will be a big hit.

Like Tivo, you can fast forward, pause, etc.

The only draw back is that if you are fast forwarding to skip an advertisement it won't exactly work. You will land on an ad you must allow to play to continue watching the movie.

Initial Line Up Looks Like This:

Full Length Movies Alphabetically


* The 40-Year-Old Virgin


* Alien 3
* Alien Resurrection
* Alien vs. Predator
* Aliens
* All Dogs Go to Heaven
* All Dogs Go to Heaven 2
* Attack of the Puppet People


* Beer
* The Big Lebowski
* Big Trouble in Little China
* The Birds
* Blue Denim
* Blue Juice
* Blue Steel
* Boat Trip
* The Break-Up
* Bring It On
* Broadcast News
* Brokedown Palace
* Broken Lizard's Club Dread
* Bulworth


* Cheaper by the Dozen
* Cheech & Chong's The Corsican Brothers
* Cheech and Chong's Next Movie
* Clay Pigeons
* Cleopatra
* Code of Silence
* The Comedy of Terrors
* The Curse of Inferno


* Date Movie
* The Day the Earth Stood Still
* Daylight
* The Devil Wears Prada
* Die Hard With a Vengeance
* Dirty Work
* Do the Right Thing
* Dodgeball
* Dr.

Goldfoot and the Bikini Machine
* Dr. Goldfoot and the Girl Bombs
* Dragon - The Bruce Lee Story
* Dude, Where's My Car?


* Enter the Ninja


* Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer
* Field of Dreams
* Fierce Creatures
* Fierce People
* Flight of the Phoenix
* The Fly
* Free Money
* The Full Monty


* Garden State
* The Girl Next Door
* Going Overboard
* Gridlock'd


* Hercules in New York
* Home Alone


* I Heart Huckabees
* Ice Age
* Ice Age: The Meltdown
* The Immortalizer
* In Dangerous Company
* In the Mix
* Inspector Clouseau
* Into The Night


* The Jerk
* Joe Kidd
* Jonah: A VeggieTales Movie
* Juno
* Just Between Friends


* K-Pax
* Kagemusha
* Keep Your Eyes Open
* Killing Zoe


* A Life Less Ordinary
* Little Miss Sunshine
* Live Free or Die Hard


* Man on the Moon
* Masquerade
* Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World
* Me, Myself & Irene
* Miracle on 34th Street
* Moonstruck
* Movieola Shorts: Animation
* Movieola Shorts: Comedy
* Movieola Shorts: Drama
* Mulholland Drive


* Napoleon Dynamite
* National Lampoon's Movie Madness


* October Sky
* Office Space


* Parents
* Penitentiary
* Permanent Midnight
* Planet of the Apes
* Psycho
* Psycho ('98)


* Quest for Fire
* Quills


* Raising Arizona
* Red Dragon
* Reno 911!: Miami
* Requiem for a Dream
* Robin Hood: Men in Tights
* Robots


* The Seven Year Itch
* The Shape of Things
* Sideways
* The Simpsons Movie
* The Skulls
* The Slums Of Beverly Hills
* Smokin' Aces
* The Sound Of Music
* Speed
* Star Maps
* State Property
* Super Troopers


* Thank You for Smoking
* That Thing You Do!
* There's Something About Mary
* Three Amigos!
* Titan A.E.


* Undiscovered
* The Usual Suspects


* Very Bad Things
* Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea


* Waitress
* Walk the Line
* Weekend at Bernie's
* Working Girl


* The X-Files
* X-Men: The Last Stand
* X2: X-Men

Plus TV Hundreds of TV Shows From Jerry Springer to Top Chef, and much, much more - something for every taste.

It is called Hulu and it is located appropriately enough at hulu dot com

So, what are you waiting for? Grab the popcorn and meet the Computerman's Website Design team there!.

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