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Games for Dinner or Lunch Break

For those who hardly have time for family gathering or family party, this article will give you a tip on how you can have a fun moment with your kids during lunch or dinner. Start practicing now, and bring back your kids smile. We play Patty-cake with our babies, Ride-acock-horse with our toddlers, and Peek-a-boo with the little ones then most of us stop playing games with our offspring until they are mature enough to challenge us to a game of bridge. And that is our big mistake. We shouldn't miss a single chance for fun with our children because we don't have too long a time together. Oh, I know when Jim comes in with a black eye or bloody nose day after day you wonder, "Will he ever grow beyond this fighting stage?" But this troublesome noisy period between cuddly babyhood and interesting young adulthood only lasts about nine years the grade school years.

And if we dont enjoy these young pugilists and tumble tom girls right now we are losing a wonderful chance to establish pleasant relationships with them that stand us in good stead when they reach the supposedly difficult teens. One time when we were talking about family games, one hardworking mother, hands on hips, snorted, "Humph! With all I have to do I should play games, yet!" She didn't realize that it does not take extra time to enjoy a few family games. These games really only take the time often used by brothers and sisters for bickering, or by parents with scolding and worrying. For instance, at our house when the youngsters during lunch begin to argue, and whose don't, it is fun to say, "I am going to Chicago. What shall I buy?" Immediately the game is on. The child to my right will respond with three things beginning with the first letter of the town I mentioned.

In this case he might answer, "Cows, cats, and corn." Then he says that he is going to St. Paul and his brother must name three purchases beginning with "S." The rules of this game say that these three items must be mentioned before the next player can count to ten, but for a game to be played during lunch or dinner, we eliminate the excitement of the speed tests and play the game without it.

It provides much merriment and takes no more talking than more unpleasant subjects. Another good game to be played during mealtime we call "Cities." Dad says, "I'm going to Austin." The next one at the table names a city beginning with the last letter of the town mentioned. In this case he could say "New York." That makes the next one search for a "K" like Keokuk or Kalamazoo or Kansas City.

These games are very simple. Even your 5 years old kids can easily follow and enjoy it. It is always pleasure to give happiness to others.

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