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How Baby Shoes Add Cuteness To Your Baby

It's funny when you think about the time and money people put in when selecting baby clothes when we know for sure that the little ones do not know an iota about what fashion is. Ok, sure, they will howl and wail when they are made to wear something they don't like, but show them something sparkly or start pampering them, and they will be their usual giggly drolly self. Nonetheless, baby shoes are on every parent's discussion list. All sorts ranging from sneakers to small ballet shoes, are bought by parents without giving a thought that babies do not run around or do ballet! Stranger is the fact that these little shoes come in as wide an array as adult shoes and they can be equally expensive! Uses: I suppose that the use of baby shoes is somewhat different from those of adult shoes. These tiny verions need to do a few essential things like cushioning the tender feet of babies and holding up when they crawl around. In comparison, adult shoes have broader functions like walking long distances, running, dancing etc.

But in reality, baby shoes are quite durable when the bub is small enough and has not yet learned to walk. Another vital function of these miniature shoes is to look cute and dainty to the parents, and to the people to whom they will flaunt their pride and joy. Safety: Every parent is concerned about providing the safest accessories, clothing and environment for their new family member, and baby shoes are no exception. You should look for statements such as this: "Our products have been tested and conform to and exceed British Safety Standard BS 5665, EU Safety Standard EN 71".

This is just an example standard, but gives you an idea what to look out for. Some shoes have an elastic ankle support system to ensure that the shoes "go on and stay on". Baby shoes accomplish cuteness in many ways. The foremost being the tiny-ness of everything about the baby.

If you observe them closely, babies don't look very attractive with their pudgy bodies and big heads. And they drool and snot over everything! So what makes people bond so much to babies one wonders? Well, they get a real thrill when looking at their cuddly appearance and everything so tiny. The same goes for the babies tiny shoes, which resemble small, pudgy versions of the footwear we wear everyday. Besides this cuteness, the designs and prints of cute baby animals, butterflies and hearts on these baby shoes make them popular.

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