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How to Spice up a Free Baby Shower Invitation

Worried about spending a lot of money on baby shower invitations or on a tight budget? Baby showers are such wonderful events and the baby shower invitation is important piece of the shower. It sets the mood and tone for the party and also lets people know when and where to attend. So this is not an area that one should take lightly or do last minute.

However, there are some wonderful resources on the Internet today that can really help you in putting together a baby shower invitation. Just try searching on a favorite search engine for terms like 1. Free Baby Shower Invitations 2. Download Baby Shower Invitations 3. Best Free Baby Shower Invitations 4.

Online Baby Shower Invitations By using the terms above it is very easy to find a free baby shower invitation that can work for the event. There are many different options, themes, and ideas and they are all very easy to download. However you probably do not want to simply download and print it. If you want to really have a quality baby shower invitation then you need to put in a little extra effort to spice up your free baby shower invitation. This does not have to take a lot of work and even if you are not computer savvy there are many things you can do to easily spice up the free invitation.

Below are some suggestions to spice up that free baby shower invitation 1. Print the invitation on colored paper 2. Print the invitation on a beautiful white or ivory paper with some texture to it 3. If you have a graphics program add some clipart to it 4. Edit the card in a graphics program to put in your own writing and text 5. Cut the card with some fun shaped scissors that leave a deckled edge 6.

Cut out the card and glue a fun darker colored paper behind it with a 1/2 inch or less border. Then glue the whole things to a little bit larger piece of paper. This will give the card a nice drop shadow effect.

7. Add some stamps to the card to make it unique. 8.

With a graphics program you can print just the outline of the image and then color it in yourself. 9. Add some little paper cutouts.

For example cut little flowers out of paper and glue them over top of the card. 10. Glue the card at a different angle or crop it in an unusual way.

These are just a few quick ideas of what can be done. None of them are a hard or fast rule that will work or apply to every situation or every free baby invitation cards. Rather the suggestions are to get your creative juices flowing and to get you to think. Let the free baby shower invitation call for what is needed. Think about trying to enhance the theme that already exists in the invitation.

For example if there are large circles in the background of the invitation then carry the circle them through and do something to embellish it. Whatever you do you should probably not just go with a simple free baby shower invitation. Hundreds of people use these over and over again and you want something that will really make your baby shower invitation stand out and not scream at people CHEAP! So take a little time, plan ahead and work with friends and you are sure to come up with some great ideas.

The most important thing is to find something you can work with and then use what is in the theme already. Simply enhance the theme of the baby shower invitation.

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