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Ideas To Live A Medieval Styles

Have you heard about 'medieval' words? Medieval days are organizations and events that regularly celebrate the wonder of the middle ages. Maybe you can not live an original medieval life but there are some good ideas you can use the medieval styles as fun and hobby. 1. Decorating a home or a bedroom with the medieval tapestries You can decorate your home or your room with medieval themes.

The themes can help you turn your home into a classic castle. By using medieval tapestries, your rooms will be seem as the middle ages. Before to starting the designs, you need to select medieval themes first.

You can design the scheme to match some rooms. This way can be easier and better than trying to do the designs without the scheme. For example, you can set themes of the wine harvest of the middle age to a dining room. These themes show peasants harvesting the grapes in agricultural field. You can design a home as Victorian style of the middle age.

Make the home become as the older classic homes with higher ceilings and larger spaces are perfect for the middle ages. By using faux finishes, you make many rooms look older and more luxurious. For the last 1,000 years the medieval tapestries are admired as the most beautiful palaces and homes in the world. This way makes your home seems as a king palace. 2. Stay in the castles The tourist industry has big influences to the medieval for many years.

And has creative travels in that many real castles of Europe. The castles's management allow bed and breakfast facilities for their tourists. These facilities are very fancy and expensive.

And you can get the facilities as a king for many days. People hold a good fascination of the lifestyle of the medieval. By using this way, you can have fabulous experience in the modern world because the middle ages were unusual periods in our history. England, Scotland and Italy have many well-known travel destinations for the medieval. You can choose one of them.

You will find a relaxed way of these lifestyles. 3. 'Medieval' party In the middle ages, people's clothing styles are depended on that their role in society. Each class had unique clothing styles.

For example, the kings, the queens, the princes and the princesses had the most expensive and extravagant types of clothing. They used damask fabrics dyed, silk an diamonds in their clothing. For the medieval events or Halloween day or other events, medieval clothings are popular choices for many lovers of the middle ages. No matter which medieval clothing you choose, prince, king, knight, princess or queen fashions are definitely be closely following your wish. These clothings come with a cowl, gloves, tunic, belt and boot. You will be fun with the medieval clothing in the party event.

4. Join To an organization You can join to a SCA (Society for Creative Anachronism) organization. SCA is an international organization established for researching and recreating the European arts of the middle ages.

It always sponsors big events of the middle ages. For example, Renaissance Faires.

For more information about living history UK and school history visits.


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