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Steps to Creating Easy and Unique Baby Shower Invitations

Baby shower are very special events for family and friend to come together and surround the mother and possibly father to be with lots of love and caring. Typically this happens one to two months in advance. This is a great time to shower the mother to be with a little extra love. It is often needed towards the end of a pregnancy which can be a struggle. One of the most important parts that the host will play in planning for the event is sending out invitations.

This can be done in a variety of ways depending on the hosts and mother to be. Of course if you are short on time and have money available purchasing a pre made baby shower invitation is an easy way to go. However, while this will work in a pinch it is often a lot nicer and more thoughtful to make some attempt at individualizing the baby shower invitation. A unique baby shower invitation can easily be made at home with just simple materials. 1.

Consult - It is important to start the whole process of planning and organizing a baby shower by talking with the mother to be and possibly some family and friends. This will help to gather a wide variety of ideas and start some preliminary plans. During this time develop some ideas for a theme. The theme of the shower can be anything from flowers, to a color. The most important thing is that the theme is something that is pleasing to the future mom. 2.

Themes - After spending some time with the mother to be and her family typically some plans for a possible theme start to develop. Typically with the theme in mind it can be easy to come up with a unique baby shower invitation based on the theme. For example for a girl the theme might be the nursery rhyme "Star Light, Star Bright". This theme can easily be adapted to a card that is shaped like a star with the saying written around the edges of the card. For a boy a possible theme could be cowboys.

A unique baby shower invitation can easily be made by finding some clip art or even drawing a fun cartoon cowboy. Then write the details for the shower on the inside or backside of the cowboy. 3. Season - If a theme was not clear after talking with the mother to be and other family members another easy thing to do is base the party on the season. For example a fun summer themed baby shower might be tied to ice cream! A unique invitation can be shaped like an ice cream cone again with the details on the back. Once a theme is chosen making a unique baby shower invitation is very easy.

If it is a struggle to come up with the theme and nothing seems to be working spend some time just letting the mind wander. If everyone involved in the shower were to simply keep it on their mind but put it on the back burner for a day or two typically someone will have a brainstorm. The ideas and possibilities are really limitless. Don't forget to include the name of the person you have invited, the date and time of the event and other important details on the unique baby shower invitation. Also you will want to send this out a month to a month and a half early. No that the hard work of picking a theme and creating an invitation is over the rest of the planning will go quickly and smoothly.

Things like picking prizes, choosing games and creating a menu are all easily done once the theme has been chosen.

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