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The Easiest Way to Play the Easy Sudoku

Playing a puzzle is one of the most popular pastimes in all parts of the world. During breaks or idle hours you can oftentimes see a person busy solving puzzles from newspapers, magazine or books. These are personal moments that can help idle time away and sharpen ones mind. One of the best played puzzles is the Sudoku.

It is an addictive number puzzle game that is taking the United States and the whole world by storm. It has become one of the most famous puzzle games ever created. It is played using a 9 x 9 grid that is divided into nine equal squares. The objective of the puzzle is to place the numbers from 1 to 9.

Each number must appear only once in every row, column and in 3 x 3 squares. A Sudoku puzzle game usually begins with a set of numbers already given in the puzzle. Depending on the given numbers and the placement of the numbers, this determines the complexity level of this puzzle. The puzzle normally differs from the simple or easy down to the difficult level of play. Sudoku puzzle is solved using logical skills. If you haven't tried playing a Sudoku puzzle yet, it is suggested that you begin with the easiest one available.

If you want to purchase a puzzle book, the different levels are labeled - whether it is easy, moderately hard or very difficult. If you want to look for the game in a newspaper, you will usually find the easiest Sudoku puzzle at the start of the week (Monday). By starting with the easy Sudoku, it will help you improve the strategies and techniques you have. In addition, it is not as frustrating as the difficult Sudoku. How to play the Easy Sudoku? For beginners, here are steps which can be helpful in solving the easy sudoku. Be sure to follow each step carefully and correctly to have a better chance of solving the puzzle.

1. Upon Solving, think carefully and cleverly. Once you already know that you cannot have two same numbers in each row, column or 3 x 3 boxes, it will be a good help or hint which you can use to get another number in the series. Remember the more difficult the Sudoku is, the lesser chance to start the game easily. 2.

In solving an easy Sudoku, the first thing you must keep in mind is to look for the possibilities. Possibilities are the numbers that are possibly just around. Beginning at 1, make an imaginary line on the boxes in the 1's row and column.

When you see that only one box is left in the nine-square block, you will know that it is a possibility. 3. Carefully work on the numbers until the number 9. Since you already placed some of the numbers, this must help you to get other numbers which has more possibilities.

4. If you are trapped, go back but ensure to look at the other numbers. Once that happens, it is assured that you had missed something on the puzzle. That thing is normally where you need to be active again.

If on the process you still cannot find the "missing number", begin by labeling each block with everything which has a chance to be on the box. 5. It would be advisable that you begin a game in the newspaper. Most of the newspapers in the country already have Sudoku puzzle games. Most of the easy puzzle games are out during Monday and Tuesday. While the difficult puzzles are out on the following days.

The basic technique most players use in playing the Easy Sudoku is by going through every number and by trying to place as many numbers as the puzzle permits. You have to observe the numbers on the rows and columns to make sure that there are no same numbers present. If you are working your way on the numbers 1 to 9, ensure to think about going through the same process again.

Then, look at the squares to know the numbers you can use to prevent other numbers from filling in. Try to train your mind well in looking at the numbers in all 3 x 3 boxes, columns or rows. In this way, you can easily spot the missing numbers which you need in each 3 x 3 boxes, columns or rows.

Lastly, if it is your first time to play the game, be patient. It may be an easy Sudoku but it is not as simple as what you may think. It still requires great logical skills and careful thinking in order to win and complete the puzzle.

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